Swan Lake Testimonials

Everything was great. Our room was the first room by the entrance - quite convenient. Everyone at the hotel went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our stay. John was phenomenal. He took his time and was very patient with us. He thoroughly explained all of the instructions/lessons. I would highly recommend John to anyone who wants to improve their golf game. We are hoping to come back in July to have John fit us for new clubs. The golf courses were in great shape. We thoroughly enjoyed our time playing golf on both courses. I don't know how we got three days in without any rain. Our entire stay was greater than we anticipated.

Ray & Pat Widuch -

I would like to take this opportunity to express our experience at the golf academy last week. Debra and I were extremely impressed with the teaching style of John Ericson. His ability to relate to other sports and tie them back to golf was fantastic. John was very keen on observing both the techniques of Debra and myself and not at all hesitant to make corrections to our mistakes. That's great. I felt as though this was a training session that I wish I would of had years ago so I would have enjoyed the sport more. Playing a bad a golf round is not fun, but frustrating. John, likewise focused on Debbie's new skills and got her off on the right track. She likewise is enjoying the golf experience. We both enjoyed the accommodations at the hotel and really found the golf course to be a beautiful and enjoyable experience. I guess I have to say that Swan Lake Golf academy is one of the best kept secrets in Northern Indiana. Trust me, Debbie and I will be returning to your facility in the near future so we can continue to sharpen our golf skills. Hopefully, John will remain on staff. He is a key asset to that academy. See you soon.

Debbie and Dave Mannia -

The experience at Swan Lake was awesome. The instruction from John was great. It has really improved my game. I love the game of golf even more now. I never had a lesson before and therefore really had nothing to practice. Now with the instruction I received, I can go out and practice what I’ve learned and become more efficient at the game. Also the accommodations and food was great. The overall experience was super and I have highly recommended Swan Lake to my friends. Thanks again.

Frank Mingey -