Tuesday Men's League Schedule

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  Hackers League  


  Sandbagers League  
  Phil Mickelson Division  


  Jordan Spieth Dvision  
Team # Team Members Start Time   Team # Team Members Start Time
8 Rich Weigle-Harvey Hyland 4:30 PM   18 John Bryan-Jerry McMahan 5:00 PM
10 Randy Schmeltz-Dan Schmeltz 5:30 PM   23 Dave Ferch-Mark Ferch

5:00 PM

13 Dave Pentelow-Joe Fraschetti 5:00 PM   24 Omar Oviedo-Brian Berkebile 4:30 PM
12 John McGee-Tom Vild 4:30 PM   19 Denton Cripe-Dennis Cripe 5:00 PM
11 Donnie Frazier-Jim Cappert 5:00 PM   16 Jim Kinney-Tom McGee 5:30 PM
9 Brad Schmeltz-Jay Potts 4:30 PM   28 Karl Krathwal-Andrew Dreibelbis 5:00 PM
4 Bob Throm-Jack Wardman 4:30 PM   17 Brain Allen-Terry Minix 5:00 PM
  Tom Watson Division       Rickie Fowler Division  
Team # Team Members Start Time   Team # Team Members Start Time
3 Steve Moerman-Len Jaske 4:30 PM   21 Brian Donathan-Matt Hovermale 4:30 PM
5 John South-Sonny Cripe 4:30 PM   22 Bob Prentkowski-Brian Schmeltz 4:45 PM
6 Greg Engel-Dave Drews 4:30 PM   25 Jeff Pearish-Ed Hofferth 4:30 PM
14 Mitch Pearish-Jared Pearish 5:15 PM   27 Jeff Corsbie-Dale Gott 5:00 PM
1 Joe Rannels-Gary Barbknecht 4:30 PM   20 Gene Knowlton-John Vandall 4:30 PM
2 Les Marcum-Kenny Price 5:00 PM   15 Bob Weeks-Chris Berdahl 5:00 PM
7 Aaron Cripe-Brian Groves 4:45 PM   26 Alex Fanning-Jerry Mikesell 5:15 PM



4/4/17 Front Silver 25-17, 27-28, 16-26, 24-18, 15-21, 19-23, 22-20
  Back Silver 10-1, 11-9, 2-5, 6-14, 4-3, 12-8, 13-7
4/18/17 Back Black 16-17, 24-22, 23-15, 26-20, 21-25, 27-19, 18-28
  Front Black 8-3, 13-11, 4-7, 12-1, 14-10, 2-9, 6-5
4/25/17 Back Silver  28-15, 26-17, 18-25, 27-16, 19-24, 21-22, 20-23
  Front Silver 7-5, 4-8, 2-10, 14-11, 9-3, 12-13, 1-6
5/2/17 Front Black 16-23, 27-25, 18-21, 20-19, 15-26, 24-28, 17-22
  Back Black 1-8, 12-4, 6-10, 13-3, 9-7, 11-5, 14-2


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Swan Lake Resort Tuesday Men's League

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Tuesday Men's League Schedule (Click for Details)


Current Team Standings
(As of 4/25/17)


Hacker's League
Sandbaggers League
Phil Mickelson Division     Jordan Spieth Division  
John McGee-Dan Schmeltz 76   Denton Cripe-Dennis Cripe 82
Randy Schmeltz-Dan Schmeltz 67   Karl Kratwahl-Andrew Dreibelbis 71
Rich Weigle-Harvey Hyland 67   Jim Kinney-Tom McGee 64
Donnie Frazier-Jimmy Cappert 62   John Bryan-Jerry McMahan


Dave Pentelow-Joe Fraschetti 60   Dave Ferch-Mark Ferch 62
Brad Schmeltz-Jay Potts 51   Brian Allen-Terry Minix 57
Bob Throm-Jack Wardman 40   Omar Oviedo-Brian Berkebile 48
Tom Watson Division     Rickie Fowler Division  
Aaron Cripe-Brian Groves 78   Bob Prentkowski-Brian Schmeltz 78
Steve Moerman-Len Jaske 65   Brian Donathan-Matt Hovermale 59
Les Marcum-Kenny Price 62   Alex Fanning-Jerry Mikesell 58
Mitch Pearish-Jared Pearish 60   Gene Knowlton-John Vandall 56
Greg Engel-Dave Drews 53   Jeff Pearish-Ed Hofferth 54
John South-Sonny Cripe 52   Bob Weeks-Chris Berdahl 48
Joe Rannels-Gary Barbknecht 47   Jeff Corsbie-Dale Gott 39



Current Individual Standings
(As of 4/25/17)


Position Player Total Points
1 Tom McGee 76
2 Jim Cappert 67
2 Jerry McMahan 67
4 Andrew Dreibelbis 66
4 Aaron Cripe 66
6 Dave Pentelow 65
6 Randy Schmeltz 65
8 Denton Cripe 64
9 Kenny Price 63
10 Terry Minix 60
10 Brian Allen 60
10 Joe Rannels 60
13 Brian Schmeltz 59
13 Alex Fanning 59
15 Mark Ferch 58
15 Jared Pearish 58
17 Bob Prentkowski 57
17 Karl Krathwohl 57
17 John McGee 57
17 Tom Vild 57
21 Rich Weigle 56
21 Jim Kenny 56
23 Len Jaske 55
23 Steve Moerman 55
25 John South 54
25 Dave Drews 54
25 Harvey Hyland 54
28 Brian Donathan 53
28 John Bryan 53
30 Ed Hofferth 52
30 Chris Berdahl 52
30 Brian Groves 52
33 Jay Potts 51
33 Sonny Cripe 51
33 Brian Berkebile 51
33 Jerry Mikesell 51
37 Dan Schmeltz


37 John Vandall 50
37 Omar Oviedo 50
37 Jeff Pearish 50
37 Dale Gott 50
42 Jeff Corsbie 49
42 Brad Schmeltz 49
44 Mitch Pearish 48
44 Donnie Frazier 48
44 Matt Hovermale 48
47 Dennis Cripe 47
47 Greg Engel 47
47 Jack Wardman 47
47 Gene Knowlton 47
51 Bob Weeks 45
51 Bob Throm 45
51 Les Marcum 45
54 Joe Fraschetti 42
54 Dave Ferch 42
56 Gary Barbknecht 36


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Ancilla College Golf Classic at Swan Lake Resort

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Clink the link below for all of the information you need regarding the 2015 Ancilla College Golf Classic.  It should be a great day and we invite all of you to join us.  

>>2015 Event Flyer

Want to get you company involved witha  great cause?  Click the link below for all of the sponsorship opportunites availabe for this year's event.  

>>2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

Want a chance to win $1000?  Sign up today for the Golf Ball Drop which will be a part of this years event.  Follow the link below for all of the details.

>>2015 Golf Ball Drop Registration

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Stay & Play Golf Academy

Posted on December 29, 2014 by marty

Since 1971 The Golf Academy at Swan Lake Resort has been known for quality golf instruction. John Ericsson, Director of Instruction, leads our PGA staff in the effort to take your game to the next level by offering a wide variety of instruction and performance packages. We can custom fit instruction packages for any experience level.


Golf Academy Technology


We use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to enhance your learning experience and provide precise club fitting. This technology aids our experts in eliminating guesswork and increases learning efficiency. The feedback also shortens the time required to develop the student's personal technique.

Golf Academy Indoor

Indoor Facility

Our large indoor facility offers a great variety for year-round learning and practicing opportunities. The Golf Academy offers indoor putting, hitting nets, heated indoor to outdoor hitting bays, equipment testing, custom club fitting, launch monitoring with Trackman, high speed digital video swing analysis with a VI Branded Academy and Online Academy, club repair, and equipment sales with many leading manufacturers.

Golf Academy Outdoor

Outdoor Facility

Our 20-acre practice facility offers multiple measured targets, large teeing areas, fairways, green side and fairway bunkers, uneven lie areas, short game chipping and pitching greens, putting greens, and five executive practice holes. At The Golf Academy there isn't a shot that can't be perfected.

PGA Professionals

Your PGA Professional

PGA Professionals understand that having statistics in black and white is a tremendous advantage when teaching or fitting, however, your PGA professional also understands the human element.  Our highly trained staff will use their eyes, knowledge, ability to communicate, and customer's feedback to help get the proper fit and improved confidence.  Meet the PGA Professionals...

Club Fitting and Repair

Club Fitting, Repair, and Optimization

Custom Club Fitting

Fitting sessions done by certified PGA Professionals using dynamic fitting and Trackman launch monitor; maximizing the perfect fit and verifying personal specifications. The Academy has the ability through our suppliers to find the perfect shaft and head combination of any club to achieve these goals.

Our Awards:

  • Americas Best 100 Club Fitters – Golf Digest
  • SMT Certified 5 Star Club Fitter – One of 5 Awards Worldwide
  • Mizuno Top 100 Club Fitters

Club Repair

Our staff offers re-gripping, re-shafting, swing weight and overall weight measurements, loft and lie measurements and bending, shaft frequency matching, and more. If a club needs repair or tweaking, we can do it for a very reasonable fee.

Shaft Optimization

Getting the correct shaft is extremely important. The Academy with the help of Mizuno, offers Shaft Optimization by gathering important shaft parameters from real swing data. By measuring swing speed, tempo, toe down, kick angle, and the release factor, we are able to optimize the perfect shaft for the player.

Academy Stay Play and Learn

Academy Stay, Play and Learn Packages

Students of all abilities are welcome. These half and full day programs are designed to be bookable around your schedule. Come learn, relax and play when you are available.  Packages include lodging, unlimited golf with cart, breakfast, instruction and an academy gift. Learn More...

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Swan Lake Restaurants

Posted on December 29, 2014 by marty

Dickies Restaurant at Swan Lake Resort

Our newly named and renovated Dickies Restaurant offers a unique dining experience for fun-loving sophisticated souls.  The tasteful renovation features both bar and table dining. The main dining space features an elegant bar and gathering space surrounded by private dining tables with gorgeous golf course views.

Our culinary team has assembled a new delicious menu featuring a modern twist to American classics with a variety of pasta, fresh seafood, and hand selected, dry-aged steaks and chops.  Dickies Restaurant supports local farmers by using locally grown ingredients, and supports regional brewers by having more than 40 craft beers in-house.  Learn more...


Putter's Bar & Grille at Swan Lake Resort

Putter's Bar & Grille is a great casual place to hang out after a round of golf or a long day of meetings.   Adorned with the essential beer taps, pub style menu Billiard's Table and large HDTVs, you will find the current must-see game or match ready for you to watch with other eager sports enthusiasts.  Learn more...


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Stay & Play Golf Courses

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The cornerstone of Northern Indiana's most complete getaway is The Golf Club at Swan Lake Resort & Conference Center. With two expertly maintained golf courses designed for the enjoyment of both accomplished golfers and those still learning the game, everyone will find their game at Swan Lake Resort.

Swan Lake Resort & Conference Center Golf Course - Silver

The Silver Course

The Silver Course provides all players with a chance to shoot their career round!  With a shorter, more strategic layout, this course plays well around numerous eye-pleasing water hazards. The Silver Course will prove challenging and rewarding for all levels of play.

  • Course Rating:   Black: 72.6   White: 70.5   Yellow:   Men-65.6   Women-71.1
  • Slope Rating:  Black: 124   White: 120   Yellow:  Men-105  Women-115



Download Silver Course Scorecard


Swan Lake Resort & Conference Center Golf Course - Black

The Black Course

The Black Course combines all of the elements that golfers look for in a challenging course. With the addition of new tee areas and the 18th hole sweeping along the resort's main building, the Black Course will provide a Championship experience.

  • Course Rating:   Black:  74.5   White:  71.5    Yellow: Men-65  Women-70.2
  • Slope Rating:   Black:  134   White:  126    Yellow:  Men-113  Women-122




Download Black Course Scorecard


Swan Lake Resort Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a beautifully appointed facility that includes our Pro Shop and Putter's Bar & Grille. You can also purchase our GroupEZ service that saves hours of time during your stay-n-play by tracking the scores and more for any golf game that you can imagine.

Pro Shop

Swan Lake Resort Pro Shop has been recognized as a leading golf merchandise store in Indiana. We were honored to be named 2014 Merchandiser of the Year for the Resort Category in the state of Indiana.  Its unique assortment of golf and casual clothing makes it a “must see” during your visit to Swan Lake Resort.  Our selection includes the top manufacturer's including Titleist, FootJoy, Callaway, Nike and Cutter & Buck.  Our golf shop team will assist you with all your needs. Custom fitted clubs and special orders can even be shipped right to your home.

Putter's Bar & Grille

Putter's Bar & Grille is a great casual place to hang out after a round of golf or a long day of meetings. Adorned with the essential beer taps, pub style menu Billiard's Table and large HDTVs, you will find the current must-see game or match ready for you to watch with other eager sports enthusiasts.  Learn more...

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Stay & Play Accommodations

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Hotel, Suites, Villas, Cottages and Cabins

A unique and pleasant feature of Swan Lake Resort is the diversity of our accommodations, including Deluxe hotel rooms and suites, fairway villas, beautiful log cabins, quaint cottages, a spacious fairway house, plus complete recreational vehicle pads.

Swan Lake Resort boasts 90 welcoming hotel rooms, many of which offer golf course or poolside views. The fairway villas are modern and offer an outstanding view of the finishing hole of the Black course. The cottages and log cabins are a rustic getaway perfect for an escape from the norm. And the fairway house with back porch and yard is undoubtedly a home away from home.

All accommodations include a Deluxe Continental Breakfast, along with complimentary use of the swimming pools, fitness center, and wifi.

Resort Rooms

All rooms feature: flat screen cable televisions, in-room fresh brewed coffee, all-day room service, wireless internet, hair dryers, either two queen beds or one king bed, desk area, iron & ironing boards, and oversized mirrors. Preferred locations include Poolside Rooms with patio access and Golf View Rooms with outstanding golf and fairway views.

Standard Suites

Each suite features one bedroom with a connecting living room. Two televisions, sofa, king bed and standard hotel amenities await. For those special occasions or just for everyday, these suites offer an elegance that will be a wonderful addition to your stay.

Presidential and Owner's Deluxe Suites

New spacious and luxurious suites, offering a bedroom and a large living area with a queen sofa sleeper.  The Owner's Suite also also has a kitchenette with dining table and access to a private outdoor deck.


Quaint cottages give our guests extra space and an apartment-like feel when staying at the Resort. Knotty pine fresh interiors are furnished with two full beds. Some cottages have a sofa sleeper. All Cottages include a microwave, wet bar/dining area, two televisions and mini-refrigerator.

Log Cabins

Two-story log cabins are set back 200 yards from the Pool and Fitness Center wing of the resort and include three sleeping areas, flat screen televisions, four bathrooms, living room, wet bar with microwave, a small refrigerator, and game/dining table.

Fairway Villas & House

Our beautiful, suite-like villas include two bedrooms, one oversized bathroom and a beautiful view of the golf course fairway. Flat screen televisions, modern décor, wet bar with microwave, a small refrigerator and a gaming/dining table are included. Our Fairway House sleeps 12 with the comforts of home.

With such a wonderful array of options, you can enjoy a new experience with each stay. So come - stay awhile. We have a place just for you.


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Chad Anderson

Posted on September 16, 2014 by SLRadmin

Our entire group had a wonderful time. The facilities and the courses were in terrific condition and the added services such as club cleaning and the evening bag storage, really set Swan Lake Resort apart from the others. The entire staff were very professional and treated us all as special guests. I think we all agreed that Swan Lake Resort was the best we've experienced in our 19 years of having this group together. Our plan is to return again next year.
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Ryan Reeves

Posted on August 27, 2014 by SLRadmin

I planned a trip for eight to Swan Lake Resort for a bachelor party. We planned the event as a Stay and Play package with Lindsay and she walked me through everything. It was a painless, seamless process. Their package prices are very reasonable. We stayed in a log cabin and greatly enjoyed the rustic feel with full amenities. The fire pit was a great addition. I planned our four round Ryder Cup format with Clint and he input all our info into their EZ golf system. Our carts were always waiting on us with bags ready, scorecards printed and everything squared away. We made some changes between rounds and it was very easy. Everyone on staff was attentive and polite. Overall the experience was exceptional. Its only 2 hours from Chicago and we are already rebooking for a group of 16 next year!
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John Eshoo

Posted on April 15, 2014 by SLRadmin

I have been planning golf tournaments with friends for the last 15 years. I have always taken pride in the planning and scoring of our tournaments. We brought our 32 player Ryder Cup tournament to Swan Lake in October and, at first, I turned down the offer to use the resort's Group EZ service because "I knew how to run a golf trip". After speaking with Clint about the service I reconsidered and, let me tell you, "just another golf trip" turned into the best golf trip we've had throughout all the years. Clint and the staff at Swan Lake took care of everything. We literally dropped our clubs off upon arrival and they did the rest (except hit good golf shots) for us. The burden of running a golf trip can take some of the fun out of it, but I went from the organizer of the trip to a player just enjoying the weekend. I would recommend Swan Lake Resort and the Group EZ to anyone who wants to have a great golf weekend tournament without the stress of organizing the event. Thank you Clint and the staff at Swan Lake for a great golf weekend, we'll be back next year!
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