John Eshoo

I have been planning golf tournaments with friends for the last 15 years. I have always taken pride in the planning and scoring of our tournaments. We brought our 32 player Ryder Cup tournament to Swan Lake in October and, at first, I turned down the offer to use the resort's Group EZ service because "I knew how to run a golf trip". After speaking with Clint about the service I reconsidered and, let me tell you, "just another golf trip" turned into the best golf trip we've had throughout all the years. Clint and the staff at Swan Lake took care of everything. We literally dropped our clubs off upon arrival and they did the rest (except hit good golf shots) for us. The burden of running a golf trip can take some of the fun out of it, but I went from the organizer of the trip to a player just enjoying the weekend. I would recommend Swan Lake Resort and the Group EZ to anyone who wants to have a great golf weekend tournament without the stress of organizing the event. Thank you Clint and the staff at Swan Lake for a great golf weekend, we'll be back next year!