John Ericsson Bio Page

John Ericsson, PGA
Teaching Professional

John's career in golf has covered over 3 decades including the last 4 seasons here at Swan Lake Resort. A graduate of Gannon University in Erie, PA with a degree in Business administration, John traveled south to Texas and began his career at the Four Seasons Resort Dallas, Home of the Byron Nelson Golf Classic. After three seasons there as an assistant professional, he was promoted to Head Golf Professional at age twenty-eight. 

During his time in Dallas, John had the privilege to make the acquaintance of one of the all-time great of golf, Byron Nelson. "Mr. Nelson was one of the finest gentlemen I have ever encountered in my life. He was humble and personable, free with his advice and a had never met a stranger. One of a kind." Mr. Nelson held court occasionally with the golf staff regarding the golf swing, the changes in equipment, courses and instruction that helped build the foundation of John's knowledge.  For the next twenty years John held the position of head professional or general manager at several of the finest clubs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area including Iron Horse G.C., Oakmont C.C. and Riverchase G.C.  Prior to moving north to Indiana, he was the head professional at Riverplace C.C. in Austin, Texas. 

Over his career in teaching golf, John has hosted or assisted with clinics of  some notable teachers including Dr. Gary Wiren, Mike Adams, Ken Venturi and Byron Nelson. In addition to players Jerry Pate, Miller Barber, Don January and long drive immortals Art Sellinger and Mike Dunaway. "All quality instructors want to prepare their students for the challenges that they will face on the golf course during a round; the Swan Lake Resort facilities offer some of the finest that I've seen in a long time". "Our short game (100 yards and in) area is fantastic, a student can simulate just about any type of shot that they would be presented with on the golf course. That type of learning is the most valuable and is retained the longest." 

John's approach to teaching is student-centric, favoring a flexible method that helps the student become aware their strengths and utilize them to the advantage. In addition, John believes that everyone is good at learning because it is what human's do best. "Learning golf is a process that is built on what the individual already knows, with that as a reference, learning becomes natural again".