Teaching Philosophy

Our goal is to help people learn all facets of the game of golf so that they can experience and enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer. Golf is rich in the multitude of positive influences it can have in one’s life; from deepen family ties to fitness benefits; from social and business relationships to the character development of young people. It is a fun game and yet it can bring the serenity and reflection that comes from being out and among nature. 

Our approach is to help the whole play improve their game, which includes golf swing technique, course management and mental approaches, equipment consultation and golf fitness. The game has many layers of complexity and it’s subtleties vary from day to day. Our desire is to prepare and cultivate a game plan for each player to help them set reasonable goals and objectives that is suitable for their level of interest and commitment.

We have no proprietary golf swing models or systems that each student must conform to, but rather we employ a flexible method based on the same fundamentals that have been the core of the game for over 500 years. Each individual possesses strong and weak aspects of their swing or their game as a whole. We allow the student to direct the teacher on how and what they want to learn.

Learning to play golf is an endeavor that lasts a lifetime even for those who make a living playing it. It is a process that is ongoing and always unfinished and like each of us, perfection is neither attainable nor desired.


John Ericsson, PGA
Director of Instruction